Latest news Dabur Jullundhar has been awarded second position in whole of North during the period 2013-14 for a dedicated 3 PL Service. 2013-14 | Shell India market Pvt Ltd recognises ATTAR logistics operations team at Zirakpur depot Safety Day Celebration

What Do We Provide

Value driven Logistics Solutions for your Dynamic needs
a pioneer in Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions in India
3 PL Service provider in Ware Housing, Carrying and Forwarding

Why Choose Us?

Working with ALPL


Working with Other Companies

Value Addition Services

  • ALPL is embedded with the features like CCTV cameras installed at key locations, GR Software provided in the systems, Backup facility and don’t have to pay any extra cost for these services which is key factor for safety & security operations of CFA.
  • Every month, there is a internal audit conducted with standardized formats  and no extra cost is involved.

Customer Services

ALPL Service is so professionalized that immediately material is dispatched to the distributors point on a single call thereby maintaining the customer relation by solving the queries from CFA end.

Value Addition Services

Whereas in case of other, most of them are not fully equipped and if so then extra cost is charged for these key services ultimately increasing the cost of CFA.

Where as other Companies don’t conduct internal audit which may result in shortages. If they conduct, extra charges can be framed by them again resulting in costs.

Customer Services

Whereas in case of other Companies there is always a issue in  distribution and relation is disturbed if not reaching within the lead time.
The entire team is dependent on persons & never interfere personally with customers.

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About Attar Logistics

Attar Logistics is a pioneer in Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions in India. We, at Attar Logistics, offer comprehensive supply chain services to our Trade Partners. We are one of the fastest growing Corporate Empires in North India. Being an integrated 3 PL Service provider in Ware Housing, Carrying and Forwarding, and Supply Chain and having an expertise, excelled in this field for the last more than 40 years. Already operating in Jammu and Kashmir since 1952 with Nestle, 1958 with Bawa Masala Company, 1996 with Dabur India Limited and other Companies as detailed in the profile and thereon started expanding to Punjab, Himachal Pradesh with Dabur India Limited, Jallandhar since 2011, Asian Paints, Ludhiana since, 2008; LG Electronics India Private Limited, since 2006; Shell India Markets Private Limited, since 2009. Our vision has always been to look for top rated business houses where we can provide best of the services.

  • We are an carrying and forwarding integrated logistics service Provider, supply chain and transportation company.
  1. We operate from Jammu & Kashmir , Punjab, Himachal Pradesh & Haryana.
  2. We serve wide range of services to our valuable business partners.
  3. Clearing & Forwarding Services
  4. Distribution Services
  5. Transport Services
  6. Warehouse Services