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Welcome to Handloom Development Department

The Handloom sector in J&K State is centuries old known for its specialized weaving of fabrics like Pashmina, Raffal,Silk Sarees and Cotton items. The industry occupies a significant place in the socio-economic structure of J&K.It plays a crucial role in employment generation for weaker section of the society.

The total number of weavers in the state is approximately 50,000.

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Specialty ProductsS

Pashmina is a fine type of cashmere wool. The name literally translates to "Soft Gold" in Kashmiri.The wool comes from four distinct breeds of the Cashmere goat.


In Kashmir ,the outfit consists of the Phiran, poots and shalwar.Dress in each regional culture reflect weather conditions, way of living and distinctive style which gives it a unique identity among all cultures.

Kashmiri Suit


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