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J&K State Advisory Board for the Welfare and Development of other Backward Classes

Since Independence the state of Jammu and Kashmir has achieved significant growth and development in reducing poverty and improving crucial human development indicators such as levels of literacy, education and healthcare. However there are indications that all communities and social groups have not equally shared the benefits of growth process, among them the OBCs which Constituting the major chunk of population are seriously lagging behind in terms of most of the human development indicators, while the perception of deprivation is wide spread among them, as there has been no systematic efforts to analyse their condition.

  Sh. Omar Abdullah
Chief Minister (Chairman)

Ms. Sakina Itoo
Hon'ble Minister Social Welfare

Sh. Kuldeep Raj Verma
Vice Chairman (Minister Of State),


Sh. Mohammad Iqbal Khandey, IAS
Cheif Secretary J&K

Sh. Mohd Shafi
Rather ,IAS

Secretary, Social Welfare Department J&K

      Dr. Basharat Hussain, KAS Secretary